Working with Rama IX can lead to great experiences, and results. Our team consists of many talented people, working in various fields. We have the ability to put our hands and minds at work on mediums such as photography, fashion design, modelling, drawing, painting, acting, writing, music production, film production, styling and editing. This long list is what makes us strong at building cults and trends, and therefore positively influence brand image.

Seeking for improvement and to amaze, we are a young team of creatives, entrepreneurs and lovers of sensory experiences. Through our work, we like to create moments that inspire.

Our production house is interested in the completion of artistic projects.

If you have something in mind that you would like to push further, whether you need help to articulate it, and/or make it reality, do not hesitate to approach us. We are here to collaborate.

We read our Tweets @ixrama, direct messages on Instagram @ixrama, as well as our messages on Facebook. You can also contact us through this form. We can read you in French or English, and will assure communication between you and the person that corresponds to your interests or needs.

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