We are organized as a not-for-profit entity for which we work in order to deliver artistic projects. All ressources are re-invested into the making of these projects. Rama IX’s Board of Directors appoints volunteers.

We are a collective and a production house, which means we are interested in complete artistic projects.

If you have something in mind that you would like to push further, whether you need help to articulate it, and/or make it reality, do not hesitate to approach us through the collaboration page.

If you are interested into supporting our projects and our organization, feel free to make a donation. Through this form, you may manifest your interest and get in touch with someone who will inform you of our specific needs, as well as of how you can make a difference. You will receive a donation receipt for your records. All dormant funds are to be invested into the Rama IX Fund, and to be used for members’ future projects.

We thank you infinitely.

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